Mineral Pop Sparkling Gift Set


Mineral Pop Sparkling Gift Set


What it is:
Mineral Pop Sparkling Toner and Mist – A calming, balancing, moisturizing toner & mist made by pure botanical extracts.

Mineral Pop Sparkling Cream – This gel cream protects the skin by boosting and locking in moisture. True to its name, the Sparkling Cream contains carbonic acid bubbles, which leaves a refreshing sensation. Apart from its moisturizing properties, this cream further helps with hyperpigmentation as it evens out skin tone. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Mineral Pop Sparkling Toner and Mist

Enhanced delivery of hydration: Skin Energy Hydration Delivery system immediately cools, tones and energies skin.

Advanced cooling effect: Instead of purified water, 70% of this mist is composed of sparkling water. As a result, this moisturizing mist is great for all 4 seasons, especially for summer. Also great for acne-prone skin. Instant and lasting boost of hydration: carbonated bubbles spontaneously increase skin moisture.

Mineral Pop Sparkling Cream

Rich in carbonic acid, which effectively locks in moisture and improve skin elasticity. Melon and fruit extracts protects and provides ample hydration.

How to Use:

Mineral Pop Sparkling Toner and Mist – Spray it lightly 3 or 4 times to your face whenever your skin becomes dry after washing your face, Spray at a distance of 20cm with your eyes closed. you can use it before and after putting on makeup

Mineral Pop Sparkling Cream – Take an appropriate amount of this product and spread it gently and evenly over your face and neck.

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