Egg Clear Blackhead 3-Step Nose Pack



Egg Clear Blackhead 3-Step Nose Pack


What it is:
Get rid of your stubborn whiteheads and blackheads instantly with Botanic Farm’s Egg Clear Blackhead 3-Step Nose Pack. This 3-Step Nose pack helps soften trapped dirt for it to be easier to strip off. It is rich in herb extracts which gently unclogs the pores while supplying proper nutrients to prevent the pores from aggravation.

Stripping off whiteheads and blackheads would leave the pores open which is why this 3-step nose pack will ensure that the open pores would be treated gently. It also contains green tea extract which aids in toning down redness and preventing skin irritation.

How to use:

Use this nose pack after cleansing and toning.
Step 1: Take the nose pack from #1 and place the sheet onto the nose for 15~20 minutes. Remove and wipe off residues with clean tissue.

Step 2: Use the nose strip sheet from #2 and gently place it onto the nose. Press the sheet lightly to make sure it is sticking properly. Leave it for 10~15 minutes then strip off.

Step 3: Take the essence-infused nose pack sheet from #3 and place it onto the nose. Leave it for 5~10 minutes then remove. No need to rinse.

Size: 2ml, 1pc, 4ml

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